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We’re going to show you

How to create your unique value proposition

The little known secrets of how to convert and monetize your audience

How to organically supercharge your following by thousands each month

A simple strategy for building strong relationships with brands and influencers + templates

Course is suitable for beginners through to professionals.

Why we created Instagram Academy



How the academy

Will Work With You

Weekly Training

You will receive instant access to the course and each module will be released on a weekly basis. This is so you spend an adequate amount of time working through each section and don’t miss anything important.

Accessible On The Go

Accessible on the go

You can access all of your course materials on­the­go from iphone, ipad, tablets and laptops. You can also download parts of the course for reading and listening offline.

Multi­Media Training

Multi­Media Training

The course will be delivered through written articles, videos, audios and visual demonstrations. Each module is very thorough, so this use of multi­media training will keep your attention!

On­Going Support

On­Going Support

Support will be provided throughout the entire course, you won’t be on your own. Our experts will be on hand to answer any questions and help you get the most out of the academy.

24/7 Community

24/7 Community

You’ll be added to our private group where there will be a 24/7 community. This means you’ll have support, feedback and engagement at all times. What’s more, you’ll have the chance to network with everyone else on the course.

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Because PayPal Notifications Never Get Boring.

You’ll learn how to fully automate and monetize your account and business.

Meet Your


Natalie is an award­-winning serial entrepreneur and expert online marketer.

From being 13 years old, Natalie has used the internet to create profitable, online businesses.

Along with a prestigious first­-class degree in management, Natalie has solid experience in social media marketing and has leveraged this to create and consult on million dollar brands.

Natalie’s strengths lie in the details; she understands the nitty gritty parts of business strategy and thinks creatively to turn ideas into reality.

Natalie now spends her time travelling the world whilst running her companies remotely.

Natalie Diver / Founder at Oh My Glow

Rick’s philosophy across all aspects of life, from business to relationships - echoes his humble roots from the North of England.

Down to earth, working class relentlessness, tempered with an unerring positivity and ambition, underpinned by a strong sense of togetherness, community and connection.

A uniquely succesfull entrepreneur across a wide and varied range of industries and services, Rick’s talent is for spotting sociological and societal trends before they happen and placing his sail boat at the peak of the wave, reaping the dominant position of an early adopter that is first to market every time.

From pre-empting the fitness boom, the Growth Hacker evolution, and the availability and potential of social media as an entity ready to be monitized in a physical way. Rick’s understanding of human psychology and his meritocratic devotion to learning, historical study and trend following, allows him to be the eternal leader.

Rick believes in searching for and nurturing the abilities of those around him and equipping others with the skills they need to flourish, rather then looking elsewhere. His business partners, employees and friends would agree that.

Ricks most desirable trait is making others believe in their own powers, and creating their own space in the world.

All of Rick’s projects and businesses are run with nothing more then a Macbook and a Wifi password - and the freedom that this affords him and his recent exploration of the world has heightened his awareness of the potential within us all, the varied extent of creativity that we all possess, and the truly powerful nature of small men with big ideas.

Rick Hall / Founder at Protein Card







Your Curriculum+

The Instagram Academy curriculum focuses comprehensively on all aspects of creating, branding, optimizing and monetizing your unique value proposition for Instagram. It’s suitable for both influencers and brands.

Academy closes in:












One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine ten

Module 1: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Brand

  • defining your values
  • finding your passion
  • defining the value you give
  • understanding your market
  • creating a recognisable brand
  • understanding the needs within your niche
Module 2

Module 2: Optimising Your Profiles for Engagement

  • how to set up an engaging profile
  • deciding on your post rotations
  • hashtag analysis
  • understanding your audience
Module 1 Module 3

Module 3: Creating Killer Consistent Content

  • content research
  • matching your content to your audience
  • taking and editing photos
  • creating a theme
  • planning your content ahead
Module 2 Module 4

Module 4: The Art of Building and Linking Other Platforms

  • the value of building a list
  • how to build your list
  • how to create a landing page or blog
  • how to optimise link clicks and sign ups
  • creating funnels
Module 3 Module 5

Module 5: Supercharging Your Follower Numbers: Part 1

  • driving high traffic to your instagram page
  • ensuring follower conversions
  • how to get followed by followers who will engage
Module 4 Module 6

Module 6: Supercharging Your Follower Numbers: Part 2

  • the system to gain followers whilst you sleep
  • posts to encourage instantly high follower growth
  • how to ensure high engagement on every post
Module 5 Module 7

Module 7: How to Monetise Instagram: Part 1

  • an outline of all the systems that you can use to make money on instagram
  • how to decide on the best systems for you
Module 6 Module 8

Module 8: How to Monetise Instagram: Part 2

  • creating your insta kit (with templates)
  • developing your insta sheets (with templates)
  • automating your instagram systems
Module 7 Module 9

Module 9: Optimising Conversions

  • how to convert your specific audience
  • ultimate conversion secrets
  • how to track your instagram success
Module 8 Module 10

Module 10: Ensuring Success After Instagram

  • creating a sustainable company
  • how to take your success on instagram and apply to other channels
  • ensuring longevity of your business and income
Module 9


Win a Trip to Hawaii

10 Weeks To 10k Challenge

Take the course and gain 10,000+ followers within the 10 weeks to be entered in for a chance to win accommodation and return flights to Hawaii.

This should be a breeze if you follow the course!

Knowledge for you
Knowledge for me

When you sign up to this course, you will also be giving a computer to a child in the developing world, so that they can have access to the knowledge and information that we are so blessed to have been born into. With this opportunity, they can begin to change their lives too.

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You Can Trust In Us

We will teach you everything you need to know about building, growing and monetizing your account on Instagram. These techniques have been tried and tested countless times on our personal accounts, our business accounts and on accounts we have also consulted with. If you put the work in, you will get results.

Rick Williams & Natalie Diver

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  • 24/7 community
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  • 24/7 community
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Receive these bonuses if you purchase NOW!

Bonus 1

24/7 private community with mentors to keep you accountable.

Bonus 2

Growth hacks for snapchat find out how to supercharge your snapchat follower count.

Bonus 3

The secrets to acquiring prime social real estate.

Bonus 4

How to make an extra $1000+ p/m on top of what you will be earning.

60 day guilt free money back guarantee

We’ve Answered Your

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I actually make money if I complete this program?

We will teach you everything you need to know about building, growing and monetizing your account on Instagram. These techniques have been tried and tested countless times on our personal accounts, our business accounts and on accounts we have also consulted with. If you put the work in, you will get results. We don’t guarantee that you will succeed or make money, that will be down to the work that you put in.

Do I need have a business to utilise Instagram Academy?

No! You can take this course as a total beginner - either as an influencer or a brand. We will teach you how to brand yourself or your business and we start from the very beginning. If you are already established, we can show you how to rework your offering if it needs to be changed and then we’ll show you how to supercharge your success. You can do this course at any stage.

How do I access content in Instagram Academy?

You’ll be given your own personal login to access the academy content and it will be sent to you one week at a time. Once you’ve unlocked the entire course over the 10 weeks, you’ll have lifetime access to the course so you can keep going back and improving on your work!

How long will it take to complete the course?

It will take 10 full weeks to complete the course. If you want to go through it more slowly, that’s fine too, you’ll be given lifetime access so you can go at your own pace.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we offer a full money back guarantee. If you do everything we teach you and you can prove this, but you’ve still had no results, we’ll give you your money back.

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“Through Learning from Rick and Natalie I now work with my favorite brands earning $2000 a month. I Highly recommend putting the time in to learn this valuable information.”

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